Cinnamon Pull-Aparts (AKA Monkey Bread)

This is one of my most requested recipes! I always take it to family get-togethers and it seems to disappear before the meal is even served! It’s also one of the easiest and fastest cinnamon roll “type” recipes I have. I’ve made it for so many years I don’t have an exact recipe, I just throw it together anymore but this is really close to what I use. Hope you give it a try – I really think you will like it!!

Mix together and heat:

  • About ½ Stick Butter
  • About ½ Cup Brown Sugar
  • About 3 Tablespoons  Syrup (Corn Syrup or Pancake Syrup)

(This is just approximate – I just put in enough of each that it looks right, not so thick that it won’t pour.)

Pour above into a bundt pan (I usually keep out just a little to drizzle over the top before I bake.) Sprinkle chopped pecans over brown sugar mix if wanted.

Cut up 2 cans of biscuits (I have used all brands and it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference – just regular biscuits not grands) cutting each biscuit into quarters.

Roll each quarter in a mix of sugar and cinnamon until coated and place randomly into pan with brown sugar mix. Drizzle any held back brown sugar mixture over top.

Bake at about 425 until done. (only takes about 12 minutes or so) When they look golden brown I just take a fork and pull apart a little to make sure they look done inside.

When you remove from over turn over onto a plate or flat container immediately. If you want you can sprinkle a few chopped pecan’s over them at that time.

That’s it – super easy and really good. Enjoy!!


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