Doritos Casserole – Updated

On the 11th of May I posted a recipe for Dorito Casserole.  The other day, looking in my pantry for inspiration on what to make for supper, I spied a bag of Nacho flavored Doritos and recalled this recipe. Decided to give it a try. As I usually do the first time I make a new recipe, I followed the recipe exactly. As I was making the casserole several questions came to mind that were not answered in the recipe. The first thing was that the recipe did not state what flavor of Doritos to use. I had nacho cheese flavored and since this is a 1977 recipe and nacho cheese was the first Dorito flavor I decided that was probably going to work. I think it worked great and the nacho flavor definitely went with the other flavors. The recipe also did not state whether the Doritos were to be crushed or left whole. I decided to go with whole and again I think that was the right decision. The amount wasn’t stated so I poured some into my baking dish so that the bottom was completely covered. Then I used 1/2 of the soup and meat mixture, put another layer of the chips and then the remaining 1/2 of the soup and meat. Lastly, the amount of cheese to use was not stated so I used what I had, Monterey Jack shredded and put on plenty (I really like cheese!) I baked for 25 minutes until it looked hot and bubbly and then served with shredded lettuce, sour cream and some chopped tomatoes I decided to add.

I was very pleased with the way the casserole turned out. I thought the flavor was really good and it was definitely different that other casseroles I have had. I think the only change I would make when I make it again is to add some sliced black olives, simply because I like them in Mexican food. It was easy to make and took very little time and leftovers heated up will the next day. Overall I am giving this recipe a definite thumbs up and will be making it again!



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