Amish Potluck Potato Casserole

This recipe is from the Homestyle Amish Cookbook, 2010. It’s a basic, simple casserole that isn’t low on flavor.  If you find the flavor is a little to basic for your tastes you can always add extra flavors like green onions, bell peppers, pimentos or spices. The corn flakes on the top are tasty but it’s also tasty made with crushed Ritz crackers instead of the corn flakes. Hope that you enjoy it!



Scalloped Tomatoes

Here is another recipe from the Hill N’ Holler cookbook published by the Madison County Arkansas Extension Homemakers Club in 1977. This is another recipe to try in the fall when gardens are producing more than you know what to do with. Tomatoes have always done great in my garden and we can only eat, can, and make salsa out of so many so will be giving this a try myself this fall. I would love your comments if you have tried this recipe or one like it.


Old Fashioned Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

As I stated in my last post I grew up in a very meat and potatoes family, and generally those potatoes were either boiled or mashed. When Mom progressed to trying other types of potatoes these were one of her favorites and one of mine. 


Summer Squash Casseroles

Here in southern Idaho we have had a very mild winter and the last week or so it has felt positively springlike. Makes me want to get outside and that makes me think of gardening. One of the things that grow best in my garden, no matter what the weather, is squash. I started looking through my cookbooks and found 2 of my favorite squash casserole recipes so decided to post them. This recipe can be made with both zucchini and yellow, or crookneck, squash or with all of either, depending on what is available. Yum, can’t wait for summer!!


Yummy Carrot Casserole

Carrots are so very good for us but often kids just aren’t that interested in eating them. I know mine weren’t, and no amount of telling them how good they would see if they ate them helped! Unfortunately I didn’t have this recipe back then because kids I’ve served it to since have decided that carrots aren’t so bad after all.


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