Caramel Cheesecake Bars

I love cheesecakes – all kinds and sizes of cheesecakes! That’s probably because I love cream cheese, everything from bagels with cream cheese to cream cheese cooking sauce to desserts with cream cheese. So, yes, right up there on the top of the list is cheesecakes. This is one I think is really good. I don’t remember where I got this recipe several years ago but I was reminded of it the other day when I saw a recipe almost like it made with Golden Oreos. I have always made mine with vanilla sandwich cookies but I’m sure the Golden Oreos would be really good also. When I first tried it I couldn’t imagine using marshmallow cream with cream cheese but it was so good I’ve made it often since then for get-togethers. So if you, like me, love cheesecakes this is one you definitely might want to try since it’s really easy and really good!



Butterfinger and Brownie Cheesecake Dessert

I saw this recipe on Heart of a Country Home and being a cheesecake and brownie lover I just had to give it a try. Well………..this is delicious! It is really rich and you are definitely going to want to cut it into very tiny wedges but it’s not that difficult to make and it is well worth the effort. My family has a reunion every Labor Day and they all love anything made with chocolate and cream cheese so this is going to be on the menu for next year’s get together!


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