Country White Bread

Country White Bread

Grandma’s Country White Bread from Pennies and Pancakes

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted anything. Ok, the reason, I admit it, is that I got sidetracked by Pinterest. My daughter ask me one night on the phone if I had ever checked out Pinterest, and when I said no, I didn’t even know what it was, she told me I really needed to look it over as there was so much neat information there. Well, here I am, a month later, finally pulling myself away from Pinterest to do a post on my site. My mind is still in a fog from all the wonderful recipes and crochet patterns I’ve seen and been trying. SO…..BE WARNED! If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet don’t even wander over there if you have anything at all that you need to get done – PEOPLE HAVE DISAPPEARED THERE FOR WEEKS AT A TIME!!!!!!!

I have always loved yeast breads but now that my kids are grown and I live alone I just never make it anymore – guess it just seemed to much effort for one person. But then there was Pinterest, tempting me with all these new recipes I had never seen before – No Knead Bread?? Fast & Easy?? Wow, they sounded really good. First I tried the “No Knead Bread” and I loved it. It made a beautiful round loaf that could be flavored with all types of add ins. I will try to get that recipe posted in a few day because if you haven’t tried it you really might want to. Talk about easy, quick and delish!!

I really wanted to try a regular loaf of white bread like I remembered growing up with but I no longer had my Mom’s recipe. Then I found this recipe! Not only is it far faster and easier than any I used to make, it raised up beautifully and tastes absolutely wonderful! I will definitely be making this bread again and again!

At the Pennies and Pancakes site Andrea has a wonderful tutorial called “How to Make Homemade Bread (Step by Step) that you might want to check out. Thank you Andrea for the wonderful recipe and the great tutorial!!

To try this great bread stop by Andrea’s site or continue reading for the recipe:



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