Zucchini Bread

There are many good recipes around for zucchini bread and this is the one I have used for years and have had very good luck with. As anyone who has a garden and grows zucchini knows, at harvest time you need lots of good recipes for using it all up. Friends, for some reason, stop answering their door when they see you coming, afraid you have more zucchini for them. This bread freezes very well and it is nice to be able to thaw it out for a winter treat. I also freeze grated zucchini in 2 cup containers so I can mix up a batch whenever the mood strikes.



Zucchini Cake

This is another recipe from my Mom’s Hill N’ Holler recipe book published by the Madison County Extension Club in Arkansas in 1977. Since zucchini is so prolific in gardens I found this recipe interesting and plan to give it a try when I start getting over run with squash. If you try it I would love to hear your comments!


Summer Squash Casseroles

Here in southern Idaho we have had a very mild winter and the last week or so it has felt positively springlike. Makes me want to get outside and that makes me think of gardening. One of the things that grow best in my garden, no matter what the weather, is squash. I started looking through my cookbooks and found 2 of my favorite squash casserole recipes so decided to post them. This recipe can be made with both zucchini and yellow, or crookneck, squash or with all of either, depending on what is available. Yum, can’t wait for summer!!


Zucchini Jam

I have always enjoyed having a large garden and then doing a lot of home canning at harvest time. In recent years with my kids all off on their own I just don’t use as many home canned items as in the past so my gardens have shrunk in size. I do always have to grow a few items though. One of the items I cut way back on this year was zucchini, but due to great growing weather I still had a bumper crop. If you’ve ever grown zucchini you know even one plant can produce more than can even be given away – you know they really don’t want any more when your friends won’t answer their doors when they see you coming with zucchini in your arms!

But, since I hate to see any go to waste I was forced to dig out my old recipe for zucchini jam. Don’t know why I haven’t made any recently as this is a great recipe and makes absolutely delicious jam. This is an orange-colored jam. If you don’t care for apricot or pineapple flavors this probably won’t be for you but if you like either this is something you really should try!


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